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Ranthambore Tiger Resort Offer Hotel In Ranthambore most minimal prices.Enjoy the best staying experience in Ranthambore in its wide array of hotels ranging from budget to luxury.

Owing to its immense popularity for the best wildlife experience in India, Ranthambore Tiger Resort has become a hospitality hub with a plethora of hotels & resorts promising the finest staying experience. The accommodation options in Ranthambore ranges from budget to luxury to eco-friendly to thematic hotels ensuring unique experiences depending on your budget and interest.

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Here you can find some best Hotels in Ranthambore & Resorts In Ranthambore. There are three kind of resorts and hotels in ranthambore like deluxe resorts in ranthambore, luxury resorts in ranthambore and Budget Resorts In Ranthambore.

When it comes to the wildlife safari in any tiger reserve zone in India, Ranthambore Tiger Resort crosses first in the mind of any wildlife lovers. The reason behind it is the world famous stories of the few very popular tigers in this reserve forest such as the legends of tigress Machli lingers in the minds of tiger lovers still after her demise. Hundreds of thousand tourists visit Ranthambore Tiger Resort from all over the world stays in the hotels and resorts in Ranthambore and took the safari in hope to get the sight of majestic tigers.

The diurnal tigers of the Ranthambore forest grace wildlife lovers with their vibrant presence by roaming fearlessly in-between safari vehicles. Ranthambore tiger zones are known for the abundance in tiger population, so if you get lucky you will be bestowed with the sight of not one, but a tiger family - the tiger, tigress and their cubs during your safari.

Affordable Rates of Accommodations In Ranthambore
You would be relieved to know that the service rates we offer are competitive. There is no scope to pay exorbitant service charges. The advance payment for booking the rooms is reasonable. We comply with the usual market norms. Also, there are no hidden costs. The prices remain transparent. We care about your accommodation budget.

Spend Your Next Vacation at Ranthambore Tiger Resort
We assure you top quality hospitality service when you spend your next vacation in Ranthambore, booking rooms at our wonderful 3-start resort, which is an Village Sherpur. We guarantee you the most extensive and flawless services. Our hospitality is of premium quality. You can remain confident about it.

Best Resort In Ranthambore
Imagine waking up on comfy mattresses along with the bird's hymns and resplendent sunrise waving at you. Far from the anarchy of modern city noises,Ranthambore Tiger Resort is set to give you a life-changing experience. It is a perfect preparatory point for reconnoitering the immaculate beauty of a billion-year-old forest - Ranthambore, with the massive citadel that gives the reserve its name rising magnificently at its core. This best resort in Ranthambore is set to give you a ride to a stunning wildlife ecstasy, with remnants of palaces, cenotaphs, and follies sprinkled in Ranthambore. Located at a 10 km distance from Ranthambore National Park,Ranthambore Tiger Resort radiates pastoral charms and a plethora of wonderful surprises.

Luxury Resort In Ranthambore
A lovely morning, a lyrical sunset and all the time in the world to turn off the world and listen to the sounds of tranquility is just a substitute to Ranthambore Tiger Resort.This Luxury Resort Ranthambore is a perfect blend of perpetuity and pinnacle of inimitable culture and tradition. We welcome you to explore nature’s beauty amidst the luxurious green lush area. You will undeniably enjoy camping in a tent while taking in the spectacular scenery of the jungle. One of the luxurious resorts in Ranthambore - Ranthambore Tiger Resort has both kinds of soulful stays - Deluxe Rooms and Luxury tents. Whether you want to experience your dream holidays like high-end modern tourists or you want to feel like royal Rajputs.

* Welcome drink (non-alcoholic) on arrival.
* Buffet Veg. & Non Veg. Dinner.
* Buffet Lunch.
* Buffet Breakfast (Fixed Menu).
* Complimentary 02 Bottles of Mineral Water on the day of arrival.
* Accommodation for a couple with 02 Kids below 05 yrs complimentary.
* Evening Bonfire.
* 2nd Day Ranthambore Fort Visit.
* All applicable taxes included (GST)
* Diwali , Christmas and New Year Package not valid

Ranthambore Tiger Resort:-

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ac tent

A.C. Tents:

Accommodation at Deluxe Luxury tents is very spacious and fully air-conditioned, with king-size double bed, 02 aaram chair sets and a rack made for the luggage. There is an attach washroom in every tent with hot and cold shower, hand shower facility. There are some other amenities available in the tents as well, like a study table or 02 side tables with 02 lamps. Daily housekeeping is available as well.

Dimensions of the tent are as following:

  • Tent size – 14 x 28
  • Bed Room Size – 14 x 14
  • Seating Area – 14 x 07
  • Washroom size – 14 x 07
A.C. TENT5,0006,OOO2,000
air cool tent
Air Cooler Tent

Accommodation at Standard Tents is also very spacious and equipped with all the conveniences. Also, there is an outside seating area where one can relax and spend some alone, quiet and peaceful time. All the tents are fully air cooler, with attach washroom and king-size double bed and a luggage rack. There are other amenities as well included in every tent which are similar to the deluxe tents.

Dimensions of the tent are as following:

  • Tent size – 14 x 28
  • Bed Room Size – 14 x 14
  • Seating Area – 14 x 07
  • Washroom size – 14 x 07
Air Cooler TENT4,0005,OOO1,800